Let’s start with the first thing you’ll have to take care of if you choose to create a WordPress website, and that’s your website hosting. Once you’ve found your domain – ideally yourbusinessname.com – it’s time to click that buy button and make sure you own it. You’ll have to renew your domain name each year, but many of them are only about $10-20 each time. With conventions you can gain users’ confidence, trust, reliability and prove your credibility. Follow users’ expectations — understand what they’re expecting from a site navigation, text structure, search placement etc.

How to design a website

With these tools, you can make the best designs without having to start from scratch. Before your site goes live, test loading time, content readability, linking and mobile responsiveness, contact form and any other element that can affect user experience. Have family members and colleagues give their feedback about your website’s design. To make designing easier, visualize the pages that will appear on your site and how they will link to each other. For example, knowing how many pages will be on your website, their content and the general layout means that you’ll have a guide to work with when you start designing each part.

effective web design principles every designer should know

Finally, the navigation bar is sticky so visitors won’t have to scroll up and down the page to browse the site. Navigation is one of the most important design elements on a website. It impacts whether visitors arrive on your homepage and browse, or click the “Back” button. That’s why it’s important to keep it as simple as possible. Responsive design means investing in a highly flexible website structure.

Platforms like Squarespace and Wix offer a few plugins; however, WordPress is the definite leader when it comes to creating a highly functional site. WordPress provides web developers with near endless functionality and extensibility options. There are also website platforms such as Squarespace and Wix that help make designing websites even easier, especially for beginners. In the early days of the net, creating web pages was a complex and complicated process that was almost entirely handled by IT departments.

All of these aspects count; a design can look great and still suffer from inconsistencies. Kyle Meyer’s Astheria shows that not much is needed for a pleasing design. Some people may confuse “minimalist” with “simple.” But pulling off such a style is neither simple nor easy (even if one does not have to be great with graphics or illustrations).

On top of everything, consider using images and videos to break up your text. Aside from being visually stimulating, they help increase your blog posts’ engagement. This page only applies to content creators or businesses that use blogging as a content marketing strategy. This page shows site visitors how they should reach out to you. It usually includes a business phone number, email address, social media pages, and an interactive map featuring the company’s location. On the other hand, it’s possible to change the colors, font family, button forms, and layout using Astra’s premium theme.

Step 9: Add Interactive Experiences

Stay savvy by keeping up with web design trends and UX design trends—use that knowledge to update your site’s design overtime. Make sure it’s always relevant and proves to visitors that you’re on top of the latest developments in your industry. Firstly, on your mobile website design, try to keep only the most important elements on the page, removing whatever isn’t absolutely necessary. Secondly, optimize the space above the fold by placing the most vital bits of information there, such as your menu or name.

Web Design Trends

Some people think of websites like static billboards along the information superhighway. That’s pretty far off the mark–websites can be so much more than that. The easiest keywords to rank well on are as specific as possible.

As the diagram shows, the footer has a darker background color. So many sites do this that visitors now expect that a switch to a darker background means the bottom of the page. The sites considered the most beautiful have both high prototypicality and low visual complexity.

How to design a website

Or maybe you want to make it match your brand’s identity better. As you find your template, remember that you’ll be able to do a lot of customization later on. When you start with a beautiful template, you can design a website that is genuinely your own but without all the work. Pixpa offers a multitude of stunning, pixel-perfect, mobile-friendly templates. Users in particular niches might find the template options from these website builders a bit limiting.

Long text blocks without images and keywords marked in bold or italics will be skipped. The site has 9 main navigation options which are visible at the first glance. ExpressionEngine uses the very same structure like Beyondis, but avoids unnecessary question marks.

We won’t get into why this is, but it does seem to hold true in practice. The concept of grids is closely related to that of balance. Grids are a series of horizontal and vertical rulers that help you “compartmentalize” a design. Columns improve readability, making a page’s content easier to absorb.

You can find out if your dream domain name is available by using this domain registration tool. If your top choice is still up for grabs, don’t hesitate to acquire your piece of virtual property. Try out different variations of your original choice https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ by playing around with the word order, or adding “the” at the start. Registering your domain name is critical for online success. Websites with a customized domain are automatically perceived by internet users as more professional and trustworthy.

Conventional design of site elements doesn’t result in a boring web site. In fact, conventions are very useful as they reduce the learning curve, the need to figure out how things work. For instance, it would be a usability nightmare if all websites had different visual presentation of RSS-feeds. That’s not that different from our regular life where we tend to get used to basic principles of how we organize data (folders) or do shopping (placement of products). The result is a well-scannable layout which gives the content a dominating position it deserves. As the Web is different from print, it’s necessary to adjust the writing style to users’ preferences and browsing habits.

  • When you’re creating a site, your job is to get rid of the question marks — the decisions users need to make consciously, considering pros, cons and alternatives.
  • For starters, what do you want to achieve with this website?
  • By following some simple pointers, anyone should be able to create a visually pleasing design and take one step closer to fame.
  • A website SEO strategy should include both technical SEO and content SEO.
  • Going back to Bazil’s portfolio site and Shuuga — each website design gives you a first impression of each brand’s voice and tone.

While the appearance of your website is certainly important, most people aren’t coming to your site to evaluate how slick the design is. They want to complete some action, or to find some specific piece of information. Then, we’ll review 10 features you’ll need on your site to put these recommendations into practice. Speaking of themes, if you’re stumped on how to design web pages, look no further than these silver bullets. Themes make WordPress sites easy to customize regardless of your website design skill level. Additionally, WordPress supports a variety of them; some of which you can fully customize, while others come ready-to-launch as they are while allowing for some minor tweaks.